Photo FAQs

What kind of camera do you use?
I shoot with a Canon 7D. My go-to lenses are a 35mm 1.4, and a 50mm 1.4, although I occasionally use a macro or zoom. I also shoot with my iPhone4.

What kind of lighting do you use?
For portraits of people and animals, I use several strategically placed lights, a soft box and reflectors. When I set up a traveling studio, it takes over an hour to set everything up and nearly as long to take it down.

Food photos are shot using an Einstein E640 flash equipped with an octabox. Sometimes I use reflectors and/or foam core to divert or collect light where I want it. Learning to work with studio light is challenging, but so worth it if you want to be able to have full control over lighting situations. I rarely shoot in natural light anymore, unless I’m doing a step-by-step shoot in my kitchen. 

What is your background in photography?
I became fascinated with photography in my early college years. At that time I met the most amazing photographer, Cherie Hiser, who inspired and nurtured my ideas. I enjoyed documenting things that were going on in my life by creating a series of images that told a story. Photography was therapeutic for me during times of life-altering dilemmas. I spent many late nights watching photos develop in the art department darkroom, while working through my problems. It is here where I first discovered the textural qualities of fiber papers, selenium toner and all things visually magical!

What photo editing program do you use?
I do all my initial editing in Lightroom. I shoot only RAW to preserve all the visual information within the files. This allows for any necessary post production work, and keeps the original files intact. Many editing features are now available in Lightroom, but I also use Photoshop for fine tuning. I love the automatic actions feature that allows for faster workflow.

Where else can I see your work?

Click here to follow me on Facebook and receive updates on your newsfeed. You can also find me on Instagram, user name: twoccreative.

Many of my images are available for purchase. If you would like to purchase a print or digital file, you can do so on my web site here. Some of my work is also available through Getty Images. 

To view a few examples of projects I’ve done, go here:

Can you hire me?
Yes! Contact me at with your ideas, and I’ll send you my rates.