Monday, July 14, 2008

Then came the chicks!

The chicks arrived. Only 2 days old--so little and sweet. We set up a plastic brooder in the main floor bathroom and clamped a 40 watt light bulb onto the shower head. This brooder worked great. I used a tupperware storage bin, and cut out a rectangle on the lid and replaced it with screen. These tiny little creatures sure poop a lot. Their digs have to be cleaned every day (2 times a day when they're a little older). I lined the bottom of the plastic bin with paper towels so their little feet wouldn't slide around so much. This makes it easier to clean too. We got right in there and performed our designated chick chores-- I became brooder cleaner and my daughter, chick cuddler. hmmmm... I think I got the short end of this deal.

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