Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter arrived!

Just as predicted...a rare thing in P-town...SNOW! Everyone in our house was very excited...everyone outside not so thrilled!

One of our excited inside animals... with the chickens all cooped up, Bailey has a day off from her chicken tending duties

border collie in the snow

coop in the snow

My husband came up with this great solution to keeping the chicken's water thawed, but they won't venture out of the coop to drink it. He says they'll come out when they have to and won't let themselves dehydrate. I put their food inside the coop.

keeping water thawed

and one of our not so thrilled animals... Nelly, our sweet little sebright

Nellie stays in the coop

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Susan said...

Your dog and Sebright are sooo cute! Nice photos of them.