Tuesday, February 3, 2009

living room gets a new coat...

... of paint that is. House projects often take a back seat to all the other things consuming our everyday lives. And sometimes I have a very difficult time making a decision. It's just one of my personality quirks. Narrowing down colors that would go with our current furniture, and look good with the future furniture I'm dreaming of, was challenging. Decision making, compounded with our busy lives, results in many incomplete home projects. A trip to our local Restoration Hardware store resulted in an "ah ha" moment. The store's walls were painted a color called "silver sage," which is blue or green, depending on the light in the room and the time of day. The decision was clear... that was the color I needed. It was about a year ago when I had this epiphany. I posted the paint sample onto my magnetic bulletin board and there it remained, collecting dust, until last week when it magically appeared on the walls of our living room. All we had to do was move all the furniture, art, light fixtures from the room, and let the painter in at 7:30 am. In just three days, he had brocade the ceiling, covered it with a fresh coat of white paint and meticulously painted the walls. He quietly worked in there for three days, closed off from the rest of the house, then carefully cleaned up everything, and swept himself right out the front door leaving us with a beautiful new room. The only sore thumb item that remained was the ten year old rug in the center of the room, which I quickly replaced with a chocolate brown patterned one from Pottery Barn. Voila!

matching the color

living room


Susan said...

Cindy, your room looks beautiful! I love that shade of sage green. I have variations of it in several rooms of my house. It's such a restful color. Love the rug, too! Good choice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, love the rug.

Question: Which template do you use for your blog? It's really nice!