Thursday, March 12, 2009

knit wit

Last weekend is a blur. My family was forced to cook their own meals, clean up... or not... Dishes piled up in the sink. Mounds of laundry sat idle. The dog begged for a walk. Outside, rain slammed onto the windows, inside I knitted.

Look! Just in time for spring. A winter hat! well I’ve been wanting to knit something other than a scarf for years now, and finally did it. On a trip to Powell’s a few weeks ago (for those of you wondering what this is... it’s a mega bookstore in downtown Portland), I stumbled upon this great book called “Hip Knit Hats” by Cathy Carron. I was actually searching for an Ina Garten book, but got distracted, and as usual, a bit overwhelmed in this monster-mega bookstore. “Hip Knit Hats” is filled with, you guessed it, hip knit hats. The felted hats in the back of the book are what really lured me in, but for my first few projects, I must force myself to stick to the basic beginner patterns in the front of the book. Hats are my new favorite thing to make. They’re so easy and much quicker than a scarf. The patterns in this book start on double pointed needles, which do take a bit of getting used to. You use four of them at the same time! Just when you kinda sorta get used to these awkward things, you switch to circular needles, which in comparison, are a piece of cake. My first hat went to my husband, who was so shocked that he was wearing it in less than a week after I first put needles to yarn. Just in time too... for the spring snow.

1st hat



Susan said...

Nice hat! And the guy underneath it ain't too bad either! I needed one of those this morning. It was 17 degrees! Gee whiz, is it ever gonna be spring?

Four needles?! Wow, I'm impressed! I can't even do two. Good job!

Cindy said...

thanks Susan. We keep getting teased by a few sunny days, but it's still cold here too. In the meantime, I continue to knit hats.