Thursday, August 6, 2009

look what the postman brought

handspun yarn

Sent to me by Sharon at Knot-Cha-Chá. Sharon graciously gave this away on her blog in honor of her blogiversary... and I won! Thank you Sharon! She handspun this beautiful thick-n-thin two-ply wool yarn. There's about 53 yards of it. Now what shall I knit with it? a scarf? arm warmers? any ideas?

. . .


Susan said...

That's right purty! Whatcha gonna make wif it?

Cindy said...

I dunno yet. Gotta figgur out what'll work best. Tis purty though ain'tit?

jazgal said...

Now THAT is some lovely yarn! 53 yds won't go very far all on its own though, you may need to augment it for a worthy project.

I'll bet it feels great!

Anonymous said...

I vote a kids' hat. You should be able to do that with 53 yards! Especially such great chunky stuff! Have you see the great Hive Hat over at The Knitting Bee's web site?

I just did a big hat project for an orphanage in Kazakhstan - 200 kids ages 5 to 17 and 50 yards definitely did the job on the smaller sized hats.

What a fun boon!

Cindy said...

Hi Kendra, Oh it is wonderful, touchable yarn. See you Thursday!

Cindy said...

Hi knownbyname, thanks for the tip. That is one sweet hat! I like the mitts too. That is so great that you knit for an orphanage. I've been thinking of a project like this when I get too many hats in my inventory.

Sharon said...

Cindy, I'm glad the yarn arrived!

This extra jumbo yarn will be way too thick for the Hive Hat, but I did make a large beret out of approximately 65 yards by using a solid commercial chunky yarn for the brim. See it at:

Other ideas are some funky handwarmers like the ones at

or a thick cowl!

The yarn will probably work up at 2-3 sts to the inch on size 17-19 needles. Can't wait to see what you create!