Thursday, May 20, 2010

a wonderful gift

Look what arrived on my front porch today...


This was inside...


I love the simplicity of the background.

I love the intricacies of Wynonna’s feathered pattern...


... and the quick brushstrokes that provide depth.


I love that it was painted in a cozy little house in the French countryside.

It was created by
Bruce Anderson, who captured Wynonna perfectly!


Bruce Anderson and his wife, Alisa Rosseter are artists I met blogging. You can read about their adventures here. They did something most of us only dream about. They left already seemingly perfect lives behind in Los Angeles, California, and spent a year living, teaching, bicycling, hiking, eating, drinking wine, having fun, meeting new people, in France. The year went by oh so quickly, as you can imagine, so they’ve managed to find a way to live the dream full-time when they move back to France this winter. They’ll be providing art education to kids and teens who will travel to study with them. You can read about their plans here.

Now I’m trying to figure out how I can pass for a teenage girl.


I like Wynonna so much as an oil painting! She’s beautiful. There’s no poop to clean up. No ornery attitude to contend with. She can’t run away when I approach her. She can’t boss her coop mates around. She can’t plop herself in the middle of my potted flowers. She can’t trample through or eat my newly planted vegetable garden. No food or water needed. She’s perfect!


Susan said...

What a perfect painting of Wynonna!! How lucky are you?!! Bruce is a very talented artist. Here's what I think you should do...send in the application with Isabel's picture and then you show up...voila! What are they gonna do? Send you back home?

Aren't unexpected gifts and packages the best?!!

Cindy said...

Great idea Susan! I like the way you think! Doesn't touring and creating art in France with Bruce and Alisa sound like a blast?

Delwyn said...

Hi Cindy

I must say that Wynonna will be puffing out her feathers with pride at the marvelous portrait that your friend has painted.

Happy days