Saturday, July 17, 2010

birthday celebrations continue

The greatly anticipated 13-year-olds’ party with friends took place last night. Two of Iz’s best friends came by at 5pm and we drove to the mall. After a stop at the food court to fuel them up, a cell phone volume check, and a list of instructions, M and I drove back home... alone.

the mall

At 8pm I picked up these happy shoppers with their bags filled with lip gloss, and other essentials from Sephora.

At this point another friend was able to join them for the festivities planned on the home front.

Festivities included eating cupcakes from Cupcake Jones. This had to be the best cupcake I’ve ever had! Red velvet cake with a buttercream filling and frosting with the most beautiful pink sugared rose pedal on top. I meant to photograph it, but I was so in the moment that I forgot. We all sat around the dining room table and had the best conversation! M and I learned all about the girls’ future career choices. They all had very specific ideas about what they would be doing: a forensic anthropologist, a child psychologist, an anti-racial advocate, and a movie make-up artist. Can you guess which one is my daughter’s career choice?

After changing into flannel pajamas, gathering warm quilts and blankets, the 13-year-olds, clutching a warm bowl of buttery popcorn and their favorite stuffed animals, moved their party out to a tent set up in the backyard for a night of peaceful sleep.

Okay, it’s all true, except for the peaceful sleep part. Lots of giggling ensued. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep for at least a couple hours, and awoke oh so refreshed... NOT!


Susan said...

(hand raised high)Forensic anthropologist!!! [I just had the hardest time typing that!]

Sounds like a great time was had by all...even mom and dad, despite the lack of sleep.

Cindy said...

Susan, I had my hand raised on that one too! Even after hearing her version of what a forensic anthropologist is, I was a bit perplexed. It sounds like a fancy name for someone who performs autopsies.

(This is not Isabel's choice, btw)

Sharon said...

Let me guess--make up artist? That's what I would have chosen at 13.

A forensic anthropologist--now that just sounds gruesome. (Sounds like someone's watched too much television crime drama.)

Cindy said...

You guessed correctly Sharon! Isabel's latest career choice is a movie make-up artist.

Sharon said...

I KNEW it! Make-up artist!

BTW, Cindy, it's time to stop by to enter my annual giveaway. I have knitterly and not-knitterly cool stuff for gifts this year. (There's a hat book in the mix.)

jazgal said...

Well, I wouldn't have guessed that one at any rate! I was leaning towards advocate.

Ah, lipgloss!!! What better purchase can one make? and the perfect waty to spend the afternoon.

Yeah, and I was pretty sure you weren't getting any sleep either - I remember our thirteen-year-olds sleepover just like it was yesterday! And that was fifteen years ago! Definitely no sleep going on there!
Another milestone!!