Friday, February 11, 2011

eating light(er)

coffee cake


The winter holidays have never been a source of weight gain for me. Usually I’m so busy and stressed out that I don’t consume enough calories. Don’t hate, but I've never had a tendency to put on weight. Until recently I had never dieted. But in the last couple of years, especially during the long winter months, the scale has been rising upward. Seemingly overnight, I could eat nothing and still gain weight. Upon hearing this statement my husband somewhat jokingly said, “She hasn't actually tried that.” I love to cook. I love to eat good food.

Adjustments were required. I won’t call this a New Year’s resolution. They have always seemed foolish to me. Resolutions set you up for failure and make you feel guilty when broken. Failure and guilt are two words I’d just as soon leave out of my vocabulary.

On January 1, I began a low-carb diet. I didn’t have any clue what this meant. What exactly are carbs? How do I know if I eat too many of them? I learned that carbs are what give you a bit of a food high, I also learned that without enough of them your brain doesn’t function to its full potential and you can feel a bit dizzy. Basically, I cut out sugar in any form, bread, pasta, fruit and beer. And ate more veggies, meat, nuts and eggs.

Lunch became my favorite meal of the day.


Breakfast, not so much. I missed having fresh fruit. And toast. I craved fresh bread more than anything else.

Dinner... what another salad?

After about three weeks, I had dropped only three pounds. My head was foggy, I didn’t have enough energy to run more than a mile.

Now I’m back to eating fruit smoothies for breakfast, running at least three mornings a week, doing yoga and lifting weights at the gym two times a week. It’s the eat less, move more diet.

“I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”


Susan said...

I do hate you, actually. Nahhhh, just kidding!! So, the middle age thing is finally catching up to you, eh? Maybe it was delayed because you waited a little longer to have Iz. It's my theory and I'm stickin' to it! :)

I tried the low-carb thing one week that seemed to last for months. I never felt worse in my life. I've got to have my carbs. As you know, you just have to be choosy about the kind of carbs. Lots of veggies, whole grains, and natural, fresh fruits. Even Weight Watchers now allows as many fruits as you like on their Points Plus program. Of course, other areas are more restricted now.

I have to have the good carbs now that I'm trying to eliminate as much meat protein as I can from my diet.

I love the "eat less, move more" philosophy. It's what we all need to adhere to. Brava, girlfriend!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Hey fellow P-towner....keep it's the moving that gives us trim. That low carb salad looks great!

jazgal said...

You have to go with what works for you. No carbs seems unreal to me anyway. :)
The balance between eating the good stuff, and moving enough seems to be the key. I can't bust below four pounds of my high water mark, but the year of yoga and my new exercise video workout seem to be moving the weight to a more pleasing arrangement, at least. With your lovely photos, your meals look delish!

Sharon said...

Middle age caught up with me this year, too. I am more than one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

Your revised plan of "eat less and move more" makes the most sense to me. I just started that same plan yesterday, in fact.