Friday, March 11, 2011

the jacket project day 5

Eddie Bauer safari jacket. I bought this for our trip to The Galapagos last summer. It seemed like an essential item for the trip. It packs very well, is lightweight and doesn’t easily wrinkle. I channel Osa Johnson when I wear this jacket.


jazgal said...

Well, of course, you WERE on safari! Whom better to channel?!

I love Osa Johnson - "I Married Adventure", is one of my all time favorite books, inspirational , and amazing - just goes to show what a little gal from Kansas can do! I have fond memories of the photo of Osa, who couldn't have stood even 5' with her Pygmy friends at Lake Albert (I believe) none of whom come up to her shoulders. There are also plenty of classic shots, as you show here, with her safari jacket, pith helmet and rifle. Don't mess with her, I'm tellin' ya!
And likewise, you're looking pretty comfortable with your rifle too!

Susan said...

Somehow I knew you would have a safari jacket. :) The hat's a nice touch, too.

Is that rifle one of your props, or does someone in your family actually use it?