Friday, April 1, 2011

the jacket project day 26

This jacket is by Community from Aritzia. It’s made from renewable hemp, which makes it a perfect Portlandia jacket. If you’ve never been to an Aritzia, you must check them out. Super cute clothes (although a bit on the spendy side).

Aritzia has the best sales ever, and I happen to be there the minute this jacket was discarded by another customer in time to snatch it up at 80% off its regular price of $200.


happygirl said...

You have chickens in the city??? How do you do it? I would like chickens so much. I'm trying to figure out how to do it with a small yard and neighbors. Tell me your secret. And, I think your blog is so cute. Love all the jackets. Size 2.. jealous.

happygirl said...

Love to have you follow me, too. Btw, I'm just a little, and by a little I mean a LOT, bigger than you, ms. size 2... still jealous.

happygirl said...

Happy April Fools Day. Check out my blog today. ...there's something there that might make you happy. Or at least smile!