Monday, June 27, 2011

Georgia... still on my mind

My daughter and I just returned from 11 days in the South. Seven of those days were spent with friends Gaily and Chris in rural northeastern Georgia, followed by four days in Atlanta.

Pecan trees, vegetable gardens, a creek, a large rambling farm house, and a barn, are all located on my friend's ten acres of land near the small town of Ila, Georgia. Population: 328. It’s also home to many species of birds (including bob whites, cardinals, titmouse, and more), bunnies, coyotes, snakes, biting fire ants and one feral kitty named Sonny. They also keep bees at the far end of the property, and were in the process of extracting honey the day we left.

I adore Georgia! It is here in my friend's cozy farmhouse kitchen where I created my very first pie, 17 years ago. It was only fitting that I bake pie while visiting.

Pie dough must be rolled out early in the morning before the hot Georgia sun heats up the kitchen. Otherwise it’ll melt right off the dish before you get it in the oven, or worse yet, fall apart before it even gets into the dish.

georgia pie

I also made fresh basil pesto to accompany the pie. I'm so jealous that they already have basil and tomatoes to harvest. Mine aren't even planted yet!


by Teresa said...

Oh goodie, I'm glad I found you! I live in a century old farmhouse in Corbett, OR.. in the Columbia River Gorge, and we had 3 chickens. I bookmarked you and will visit often. I do hope you pop over to visit me!

Susan said...

Did I tell you I lived in Georgia when we were first married? Like when Jimmy Carter was governor...LOL! We were in Jonesboro, a little town to the south of Atlanta, probably swallowed up now by urban sprawl. I was such a big baby that all I could think about was getting back home, so I didnt really appreciate the wonders of Atlanta...not to mention we were poor, so no money to spend on said wonders. I did enjoy picking blackberries with my friend whose grandparents lived in Newnan, about an hour south.

Glad you enjoyed your visit!

Mary said...

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit. I love your ice cream. As a matter of fact I love your blog. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary