Sunday, January 15, 2012

mmmmmm... honey...

One of the best things about my job... samples. This week I’m designing a honey label. Yum!

As some of you know, in my day job I’m a graphic designer.

“What exactly do I do?”

I’m a print designer. I design logos, catalogs, annual reports, brochures, corporate newsletters and such. But that doesn’t mean I don’t design for the web on occasion too, although I’m not a web designer. Confused yet?

I have a degree in art and science. I think they go together, don’t you? I learned how to design before computers existed, on paper. Specifically, art boards with tech pens that needed professional cleaning once a week. Creating artwork with tech pens, t-squares, circle templates, and flexible rulers gives you a great understanding and sense of the craftsmanship of design. I prided myself on inking perfect corners. Graphic designing in the 80's required a steady hand, lots of patience, and nerves of steel.

Before computers rocked my world, I designed entire publications on mechanical boards creating overlays for each color. The layers were attached to the boards and sheets of film using hot wax. On hot summer days, I would drive mechanicals to the printer and hear objects pop off the page when the wax melted in the heat.

Jeez, I’m sounding so old!      ... and I had to walk five miles to school in the snow, uphill!

Today the tools I use are built into my Mac with programs that help streamline the process of getting my work into printed form. Even though the production process of design has drastically changed, the design process itself, not so much.

This week, I am designing a label for a small honey business. One of the perks is the fact that the client sent me several jars of their delicious homemade honey.

This is where I currently am with the label design. I’m not quite at the showing the client stage yet.

Feel free to provide feedback.




happygirl said...

you are so talented.

Cindy said...

Thank you HappyGirl!

Mariza said...

I love it! That honey looks delicious! I think your work is done. The label looks great! Keep posting I want to see what they end up with.

Susan Drummond said...

I am in awe of your so many areas! I definitely like the second one best, because of the "meandering river" look of the company's name. They're all beautiful, and I would buy their honey if I lived anywhere close to them. We use a LOT of honey, and I buy it from a local beekeeper. It's so much better than what you can get at the grocery.

Cindy said...

Hi Mariza, Thanks for your encouragement! I will definitely post the final design. I hope you're enjoying sunny locations during these chilly months!

Cindy said...

My dear friend Susan, I'm so glad you stopped by! I have to agree, I like the meandering river type too (with a few elements of the top one). I've only recently realized how much better smaller batch, homemade honey tastes. It makes sense that he's having a hard time keeping up with the demand. Now I need to find a local beekeeper for my new addiction to crumpets with honey.