Friday, May 1, 2009

hurray, hurray! the first of May...

...outside sowing begins today! Vegetables that is. What did you think I was talking about? Beans, potatoes, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, onions. Oh my! Maybe it's just because I'm a little bit older than the last time I put in a garden, but this is a WHOLE LOT of work! Still to sow... squash, peas, basil, cilantro and more tomatoes. I'll post some pictures as everything begins to grow. Right now I'm too exhausted, and my hands are too dirty, to operate my camera.

pomegranate martinis

This lovely, refreshing looking drink would be tasty about now. Actually this was something my hubby and I enjoyed last week while we found ourselves without the responsibility of a child for the entire week. Our daughter was away at outdoor school, so we spent some time transporting large amounts of soil amendments into our backyard to prepare the raised beds for the planting that finally happened today. Do we know how to have fun or what?

Iz looked so sad when the bus drove away. This is the first time she'd been away from home without one of us for more than a night. I think her acting classes are paying off. She failed to even open those letters marked M-F I so carefully wrote and packed into her suitcase. Claimed there wasn't time. She had that much fun! What happened to that little girl who would cling to my leg sobbing when I left her in the kindergarten classroom?

blowing a kiss

The first time I saw one of our chickens with it's legs splayed out like this, I thought a terrible illness had taken over her body. Then I realized this is how chickens keep themselves cool on a warm day. Here's Nelly enjoying the soft, fluffy soil in one of the raised beds.

sunbathing chicken

Oprah Winfrey's Pomegranate Martini
1 1/2 cups pomegranate juice (I also like blueberry or grape... just make sure it's 100% juice if you want to consume a few antioxidants... this helps me justify drinking a cocktail)
2 oz. Absolute Citron Vodka
1 oz. Cointreau
Cup of crushed ice
Splash of sparkling water
Squeeze of lemon (or orange)
Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour into chilled martini glasses. I like to run a piece of orange around the rim of the chilled glasses and then dip their rims in sugar. Garnish with an orange slice or pomegranate slice. Serves 2.


Susan said...

Ooh, that martini is something I could definitely wrap my lips around! I love pomegranate juice!

Your garden sounds wonderful and LARGE! I hope you're planning to put some protection around all that hard work, or it will look like mine did last summer after the chickens had their way with it....destroyed!

What fun for Isabel! (I seem to be using a lot of !!!!!!) Of course, she didn't open any of the envelopes. She didn't want her friends to think she's a baby. And she's getting to that age where independence from Mommy starts. Loosening the apron strings, y'know.

Cindy said...

hi Susan. There's nothing better than a martini with antioxidants added is there?

We did put bird netting over the raised beds, which seems to be keeping the chickens out. It's a pain when you need to get in there though. Yesterday my hubby was mowing and I heard the mower stop suddenly. Sure enough, he'd gotten too close to that light weight netting, and the lawn mower is like a vacuum... well you get the picture.

You're so right. The apron strings are loosening! Good to see, but scary too!

Susan said...

Cindy, I just tagged you. Hope you don't mind playing!

Fannie said...

I think I need one of those martinis right this minute - so healthy and full of vitamin C!

Cindy said...

Hi Fannie, It's exactly what you need to keep you sane and healthy. Hope you're feeling better!