Sunday, May 24, 2009

let us eat cake

Happy Birthday Portland Peeps!!! One year old today!


This blog began as a way to tell the world about raising chickens on a small city lot. How to grow a bit of your own food in a small space. How to make the best use of what we have and enjoy being a little more self-sufficient. This blog has also become a vehicle for expressing myself, an outlet for things creative and otherwise. A reason to write. A reason to photograph what I see and what I do. It inspires me to try new things. I am grateful for those who read what I have to say. And I am especially grateful to those of you who leave comments and share a piece of your lives with me. Thank you!


Susan said...

Cindy, congratulations on your first blog anniversary!!! Yay! And double YAY!!! I have enjoyed, so much, spending time with you this past year (almost).

I'm sorry to be late. We had company all weekend and I just now looked at my pals' pages. Mine is coming up soon, too.

That cake looks spectacular!

Cindy said...

Thank you Susan! Wow, time does fly doesn't it?