Friday, October 30, 2009



Why rake them up when you can take pictures of them instead?

While I was shooting leaves, Nelly stopped by for a visit.


Somehow between being sick this week and all the homework, including creating an edible model of the earth in layers for science last night, Iz managed to put together this Halloween costume. She says she's a nerd zombie...



Have a great Halloween!

. . .


Sharon said...

The nerd zombie costume is cute, and I agree with you about the leaves!

Susan said...

That is a terrific costume! The taped glasses kicked it up a notch. Right on, Isabel!

Nelly looks so pretty!

jazgal said...

This Halloween was an all-time low in sighting kids in costumes, there was only one girl in our neighborhood who came by, I don't know where all of the other kids go! Adults, yes, kids, not so much. Iz looks very cute as a nerd zombie - I think the tie is a nice touch, too.

Lisa said...

That's my philosophy on leaves too! Your picture is gorgeous.