Monday, October 19, 2009

random life updates


It's been too long since I've posted here. Here's what I've been up to:

Getting ready for Halloween. My daughter has always had a love/hate relationship with this holiday. When she was younger, several months leading up to and following this holiday there was lots of angst. Now that she's older, she seems to love it for the most part. We drove out to our favorite pumpkin patch yesterday and gathered up a few orange orbs for the occasion. I was very disappointed with the size choices this year. They seem to only come in small and extra small. I started a tradition of hosting a party at our house several years ago to help ease her stress. At least that way she could have friends around to make it a bit easier to deal with.

candy corn

School started. This is always a rough time of year at our house. Iz does not love school and each year brings some of the same challenges. Social drama. Schedule changes. Homework. There's been lots of this!


I'm getting into cooking scrumptious comfort foods again. I made this yummy risotto (recipe is from Bon Appetit) last week. I served it alongside a marinated, grilled pork tenderloin. I made so much that we tired of it after eating the leftovers for several nights.

butternut squash risotto

We went to see Where The Wild Things Are over the weekend. Quick review. Disappointing. Did not enjoy it. I found it very disturbing and unsettling. Thought the wild things were whiny. My husband, on the other hand, enjoyed it.

I had a birthday.

I got new glasses.

new glasses

What's new with you?

Are you enjoying fall?

. . .


Susan said...

Cute glasses! I need new ones too, and I'm trying to get brave and get a style similar to yours.

Sounds like life is good, even with the 7th-grade turmoils and troubles. She'll work it out. She's a good kid.

Mmmmm, that risotto looks creamily delicioso!

So you're saying the Wild Things is probably not a good idea for little ones then? I read a review that indicated that was the case.

Lisa said...

Ewww! Whiny Wild Things. Really? I'm so bummed. I was looking forward to seeing that.

Love the glasses and the risotto....

Happy Birthday!

Cindy said...

Susan, Max's home life is probably the scariest thing... parents are divorced, mom has a new boyfriend, he's ignored. The jerky camera movement made me feel ill, and although I didn't expect the wild things to be endearing, I wasn't expecting them to be such sniveling brats either. My husband thought it was great. Said he could relate to Max.

Cindy said...

Lisa, I was bummed too. I was so looking forward to seeing the movie. I enjoyed watching the previews, even downloaded the iPhone app so I could watch the trailers and listen to the music. Guess I had too many expectations. My husband didn't have any expectations and really liked it.