Monday, December 28, 2009

going, going, gone

Have you noticed how many gadgets that were essential items in 2000 are mostly non-existent as we head into a new decade?

Fax Machines. I actually had a designated phone number for this gadget that I had to pay an extra $30 a month for. Several times a day I would send and receive documents using this device. Toward the end of its existence in my home office, I mostly received spam through it. That’s when I cut the cord and sent it to the dump. Now I have room for a cute charging station to charge my gadgets.

Landline. In 2008 we eliminated this once and for all. It’s now cell phones all the way, with each person having their own specific number.

Dial-up Internet. Remember the sounds that used to make? Sounded like aliens landing in the room. You can still listen to it here if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Handwritten Letters and Christmas Cards. You remember the ones that arrived in your mailbox outside? This year, for the first time, we sent out digital holiday cards, and saved a bundle in postage. We received exactly 20 Christmas cards in our outside mailbox this year. I'm very glad some have continued with this tradition.

Film Cameras and Film. With digital cameras and phones, the only film you’ll see around here is on our windows (and possibly a roll or two in the back of the freezer).

Telephone Books. Even though trucks still deliver these things in our neighborhood, if I see them coming, they don’t deliver to our house and haven’t since 2005. If they sneak them in, they're quickly thrown in the recycling bin (the books that is). I can search for any business or person on my phone or computer. I can even map out their exact location and take a look at their street. Scary!

Encyclopedias. Some of you are probably not old enough to remember these. People actually sold them door-to-door. They took up large amounts of space on bookshelves. They’ve been replaced by Wikipedia. People also did research in books like encyclopedias in libraries. Lately it seems when I go to the library, there are more people sitting at computers than browsing the isles of books. When my daughter does homework, it’s now Google she goes to first for information. I do still check out plenty of fiction and non-fiction books at the library though. You can’t beat this free resource for entertainment.

Classified Ads. These have been replaced by Craigslist. And their service is FREE. We’ve successfully sold many of our old gadgets through Craigslist in the last few years.

Checks. I rarely write checks anymore. Between debit cards and online bill paying, my checkbook doesn't get out very often.

Wires. So many wires used to be strung throughout my office. My new computer actually has just one. The mouse and keyboard are both wireless items that I can use across the room if I want to.

Here’s the newest gadget in my office...

red Swingline

It’s a Swingline.

“And if, if they take my stapler, I will, I will set this building on fire.”

(a line from one of my favorite movies from over a decade ago, Office Space)


Cathy said...

Interesting post, Cindy. It's amazing how many things have gone by the wayside in the last 10 years. Makes one wonder what the next 10 will bring. If I could just get rid of my ironing basket I would be a happy woman.

Sharon said...

Fun post, Cindy! Doesn't it make you just wonder what the next big new thing will be? What will become obsolete next?

I'm always a late adopter and am only now getting around to the billpay method, but I've said goodbye to everything else on your list. Say, those pies and desserts on the right look awfully good!

Susan said...

First, love the new header! Gorgeous girls you got there!

Landline--still got it!

Handwritten Christmas cards--still doing it!

Telephone books--can't figure out why they think we need 3 or more a year!

Encyclopedias--still love the feel of them and look at them sometimes when I visit the library.

Craigslist--love it, but I have a feeling that's why our newspaper recently almost doubled the monthly subscription.

Online bill-paying--love it! I run out of check registers before I run out of checks.

Wires--still have 'em.

Stapler--dear god, may they never invent a high-tech replacement...I love the sound it makes.

verification word: carpe

Cindy said...

Cathy, I give you permission to do away with the ironing basket. I can't remember the last time I did any ironing. It is quite a relaxing thing to do though. Yeah for casual attire!

Cindy said...

Sharon, I do often wonder about that next big thing. I heard a new 3D television is coming out in 2010. I'm waiting until they do away with the silly glasses though. Now that I wear glasses most days, another pair over the top is, well, over the top.

Cindy said...

Susan, you're the first person to notice my new header. Thanks! That beautiful threesome may be on their way out soon if they don't lay an egg or two one day.

Good for you doing handwritten Christmas cards. I cherish the few I still get. I will always love the feel of nice papers, and as a print designer don't want to see those go away.

jazgal said...

SO many things not to miss anymore! Don't know why I'm hanging onto the landline, 'cause it just seems an unnecessary expense. A good stapler, though... the one I have must be 40 years old, at least!
I quite enjoy the new header - puts those peeps in their place!
I did enjoy your (very!) animated Christmas card - I'm still on the fence whether to send out my handmade New Year's card, at least to a few people. I have never received as many cards as I have sent out, but it is hard to let it go totally.
The transition to bill pay is taking me awhile - I find it hard to keep track of when they are actually paid out, but I'll get there!

Fannie said...

I can't give up my land line! Reading this DOES make me wonder if Wii will look like "pong" ten years from now!

Cindy said...

Jazgal, Sometimes it's the long list of obligations at this time of year that keep me from doing those homemade touches like cards. Not sure if I'll continue with a digital card tradition from here on, but it worked well this year.

I've been using a stapler that I've had since childhood. I may need to blog about it. Not many gadgets that still work after that many years!

Happy new year to you!

Cindy said...

Hi Fannie, thanks for visiting! Ah yes, last year's Christmas gift the Wii, already collecting dust a year later. That does make me wonder... could our money have been better spent? My husband is now looking forward to the 3D televisions coming out in 2010.

Happy New Year to you and your family!