Tuesday, December 15, 2009

there's a tree in our house

Getting a Christmas tree into our living room and decorated involves a series of traditions. These traditions have remained unchanged for the last 12 years.

First, we must drive into a less populated area than where we live, preferably to a higher altitude where there is the possibility of seeing some snow fall, or at least fog, which was the case this year. Second, we must hike approximately two miles and view 282 trees before settling on the perfect tree at a u-cut tree farm. After sawing down the perfect tree and securing it onto the top of the car, we must have hot chocolate from the Thermos I carefully prepared and remembered to put in the car along with the mugs, can of whipping cream, rubber boots, raincoats, scarves, hats, gloves, dog leash, poop bags, camera, and extra socks.

cutting down the tree

That's the one! M struggles to cut through it's massive trunk. Hence the strained expression on his face. Isabel had to complete the job, cutting through the trunk like butter. Just kidding, but she looks like a tough girl with the saw doesn't she?

cutting down the tree

cutting down the tree

cutting down the tree

That same night, the tree is decorated while watching a Christmas movie. But not just any Christmas movie. It has to be this Christmas movie...

White Christmas

Every year I threaten to purchase new lights because these are so energy inefficient. I just love the brightness of these big round blue, green, yellow, pink, red and white orbs though, and will be sad when we have used the last extra string for replacement bulbs.

energy inefficient lights



Susan said...

BEAUTIFUL! You all did an excellent job choosing the tree and even better one decorating it! I really like those kind of lights, too, even though I don't have any of them.

Guess which movie I watched while decorating our tree...alone. You got it! "White Christmas"! 'Snow' is my favorite song in it, followed closely by 'Count Your Blessings'.

Cindy said...

Thanks Susan. Oh yes, I have every line and every song from the movie memorized. The holidays are not complete without Bing... Danny, Rosemary and Vera. Glad you had them to keep you company while decorating your tree. I'm sure your house will be bustling soon enough. Enjoy!

Cathy said...

Your tree is beautiful and I bet it smells wonderful too. Love the colored lights.

Cindy said...

Thanks Cathy. Those bright lights are necessary on these very short, dark days. Once I get over a cold, I'm looking forward to the fresh tree scent.

Lisa said...

Pretty lights! I love your tradition. We did the u-cut thing for a few years after moving to the Pacific Northwest but then I discovered that I had allergies to the trees. Now we have an artificial pre lit tree with white lights. It is pretty but one day I hope to get back to a tree full of colored lights.

btw - I love your chickens.

Christmas blessings!

Cindy said...

Thank you for stopping by, Lisa. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Sharon said...

Wow! Such great photos of your tree and family! It's a beautiful tree and those globe lights are cool!

I'm wondering why it's snowing all over your blog. It looks wonderful and festive. How did you do that?

Cindy said...

Hi Sharon. It could be snowing on your blog too. I just added some HTML/JavaScript as a gadget. I can email you the specific code if you'd like.

Happy holidays!

Sharon said...

Oh, snow code would be cool! Yes, email me some, please! BTW, how's that blue hat coming along?

Cindy said...

Sharon, I emailed you the necessary content for adding snow.

Ah, yes the infamous blue hat! It's now been knit for the third time and is awaiting its trip through the wash cycle. I'll keep you posted.

Karen said...

Cindy, we still use the same bulbs in our house! They are so cheerful and beautiful. Though they are not quite the same (translucent not opaque), the light lady on Mississippi - SunLan - has replacemnt bulbs. I'm thinking we can spray paint them if we get desperate!

Cindy said...

Karen, I forgot that you purchased the Olive lights too. Good to know there are some replacement bulbs out there that are similar. I keep thinking of changing to LEDs, but can't seem to make the investment and part with these beautiful balls of light that are so cheery on dark winter days.