Friday, January 1, 2010

a look back

2009 in pictures collage

While making this collage of images from 2009, I thought about the passage of time. Specifically, how quickly a year passes. The rate at which it passes seems to be relative to age. To a child, a year is seemingly an eternity, but as we get older, time passes much more quickly. Is that due to all the responsibilities we acquire? To my aging parents days seem long, but years still pass quickly.

The passing of time is a perception, not something we see, hear or touch, but something we perceive in relation to other things. Therefore, how quickly time passes for each individual is very different.

I am not big on making New Year's resolutions, since it seems like I don't stick to them anyway. But if I did make one resolution, it would be to enjoy my time and not think too much about how quickly it seems to pass.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go, I'm running late.


Susan said...

Lovely thoughts, Cindy. They say that when you are really old the passing of time reverts to the feeling of childhood. The days and years are going by too quickly for me. They seem like minutes sometimes.

Nice collage of your beautiful photography! I'll bet it was hard to choose.

Karen said...

and time does fly, doesn't it? I don't do yearly resolutions either, it takes me too much TIME to get them done - HA!, so I keep them as "life" resolutions. One of them is "spend more time with friends." I can feel the relaxation and breathe the sea air thinking of the last time we saw you three. Time to do it again. Hugs to all, Karen

Lisa said...

I like your description. I think as children time passes in a very orderly way. As we get older it not only seems to fly by but gets warped with distortions. It is nice to think time might settle back down again some day. Until then, I quite agree, enjoy the moment!

Happy New Year!

Cindy said...

Susan, something to look forward to! Maybe it's a more simple lifestyle that will eventually lead to slowing down time a bit. Time slowed for me this week while I was so sick all I could do was hang out in bed watching movies, sleeping, reading and playing Scrabble with my daughter.

Cindy said...

Karen, thanks for your comments here! I like your life resolutions. We've thought about you guys many times and hope all is well. We do need another beach trip soon. I need a laughing fit or two! Did you ever get a copy of the popcorn fiasco photo?

Cindy said...

Lisa, yes I do believe it's all the clutter of details in our minds and lives that make us perceive time flying.

Happy new year to you too!