Monday, January 18, 2010

twilight tour

It was a dark and stormy day. Yesterday was one of those days when the sun is never seen, and the large drops of rain fall sideways. My daughter and I were very tired of being inside, so we decided to take a mini Twilight tour. It's not often that a movie is filmed in so many locations around us. Most of the movie was shot on days that looked a lot like this day... wet and foggy. So we grabbed our iPhones with good GPS capabilities, some cash, warm coats and hats, and headed off to see a few of the sites.

Our first stop was lunch at The Carver Cafe, located in Damascus, Oregon, just off Highway 224. The food was okay, the waitstaff very unfriendly. But we were there for the atmosphere, right? In the movie this cafe was in Forks, Washington. Bella's Dad, Charlie, eats dinner here on a nightly basis. If that were really the case, he'd be much larger than he is. Lots of gravy and giant hamburgers served in this tiny diner.

Carver Cafe

Our next stop was The View Point Inn. Located in the Columbia River Gorge, this site is where the prom scene takes place. The staff was very friendly. The Inn was closed, but they welcomed us in, asked if we were Twilight fans, and encouraged us to look around. Even had tea and cookies set out for us! So we wandered around upstairs. It was from this window that Victoria spied on Edward and Bella.

The View Point Inn

The View Point Inn

They even had soap with Twilight labels in the gift shop.

Twilight soap

Edward was lurking everywhere...

Edward at View Point Inn

We grabbed a few photos outside. It's not the same without twinkly lights, music and giggly high schoolers, but Isabel enjoyed checking out the names on the Twilight Walk of Fame.

View Point Inn Twilight bricks


I hope they can afford to get their roof repaired soon.

The View Point Inn

Our last stop of the day was at Oxbow Park. We were losing daylight by the time we reached this destination. The nice guy at the gate who took our $5 entrance fee, provided us with a map that helped us locate one of the trees that Edward had climbed for the movie (well, his stunt double anyway).

Tree hugging at Oxbow Park

We ended the evening re-watching Twilight so we could see what we'd missed and plan our next tour.


Susan said...

The inn is beautiful! I haven't read any of the books or seen the movie, but your photos are awesome! You should have been the still photographer for the movie!

What is it with unfriendly diner people anyway? I've been to a couple of that kind. Maybe it's to enhance the indigestion and heartburn you get from the greasy food! ;)

Cathy said...

What an interesting post, Cindy. I'm going to pass it along to my daughter, a huge Twilight fan. I've read all the books so enjoyed your excellent photos.

Cindy said...

Susan, you are so sweet! The View Point Inn is beautiful, but unfortunately they seem to be hurting financially. I'm still trying to figure out why they weren't open for business on a three day weekend. It sits on a nice chunk of land with a spectacular view of the Columbia River Gorge.

Cindy said...

Thanks Cathy, Did you enjoy the books? My daughter devoured all of them (with the exception of the last in the series, which I haven't allowed her to read yet). She's a real movie buff, but didn't love the movies as much as the books. It's still fun for her to visit the locations and compare the visuals though.

Fannie said...

What a boon for that little town! They should be nicer!

Sharon said...

The View Point Inn sounds like a nice place for a getaway, and your tour sounds like it was fun!

Cindy said...

I agree Fannie. The wait staff was quite nice to the locals, but we were not warmly welcomed at all.

Cindy said...

Hi Sharon. The View Point Inn is a charming little inn. I heard they changed owners recently and they seem to be struggling financially. I hope they can turn it around soon.

Ursula said...

Your pictures are absolutely great!!

Im leaving for Oregon in 10 days for Valentine's day weekend (we are from Miami)with my hubby who has secured his spot in heaven trekking with me to every Twilight filming location I was able to fit in the time we'll be there.
The View Point Inn opens for their 2010 season on February 12th. we are staying with them on February the 14th, really looking forward to it.

Thanks for sharing :)

Ursula said...

To bad about the unfriendly wait staff at the Carver Cafe :( that's one of the places I'm going to for lunch, hopefully they will be in a better mood that day ...