Monday, April 12, 2010

15 years ago...

...we said I do.

15 years ago we danced at the zoo.

15 years ago we slept in a small room downtown.

15 years later, M and I have returned to enjoy some pampering, room service, shopping, sightseeing, and mostly... each other.

The Heathman

A hotel with a haunted past...

Constructed in 1927, The Heathman Hotel is a beautiful, independently owned, 150-room hotel in the heart of downtown Portland. All the rooms in the hotel that end in “03” have mysterious happenings. A visiting psychic, who saw a ghost at the end of the bed in room 803, theorized that someone may have jumped to his death, and is now haunting all the rooms he passed on his way down. Room 703 in particular is a hot spot. Guests who leave a clean room return to find a towel used, a glass of water out, a desk chair moved. Hotel records report no one used the electronic key to get in to the room. The incidents happen too often to be brushed off as a fluke. All the rooms in a particular column (703, 803, 1003) have reports of mysterious phenomena.

Here’s a peek at our suite, Room 417...

The Heathman

the living room...

The Heathman

A few blocks away. Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Pioneer Courthouse Square

It’s not every day that you see a cat on a leash. This cat was obviously very curious about my camera. His owner claimed he was a therapy cat. Hmmmm. Not so close. I can’t focus.





When we returned from sightseeing, shopping, dinner, dessert... we found our room looking like this...

The Heathman

When we awoke, we found this...


and this...


and this...




I love the small details. This custom hanger is on the back of the bathroom door. I want one!



Snap. Snap. Back to reality. Now where did I put those tax papers I need to get in the mail?

Five pounds later... time to return to real life.


Susan said...

Now that's the way to make an anniversary special! Beautiful hotel and I love the history. I'm not even going to venture a guess as to how much those rooms are a night, but it looks to be worth every penny! I love that it's independently owned and doesn't have that cookie cutter look.

Happy Anniversary, Cindy and M.!

Lisa said...

So nice! We've never stayed at the Heathman before but you have sparked my curiosity. Our 30th anniversary is next month and plans for a big trip didn't work out. This might be a fun alternative.

Happy Anniversary!

Cindy said...

Thanks Susan! You're right, this is definitely not a cookie cutter looking hotel. Lots of old character in this place. The rooms are not as spendy as you might think, and we booked through "Portland Perks" which saved us a few bucks.

Cindy said...

Oh Lisa you should do it. I highly recommend it. We pretended to be tourists in our own city. It felt great to wander around Portland and not rush off to any meetings. If you book through Portland Perks, you can get a deal.