Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a giveaway! oatmeal, chocolate, and ginger, oh my!

The delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies wafted through my house last weekend: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip; Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt; and Ginger Molasses. I sampled each dough, as well as the baked cookies, several times before deciding on a favorite. All three varieties were placed into tightly sealed containers, and put in the freezer. My favorites are tucked behind the package of frozen peas. Bwaaaah haha! Hey, I was raised with four siblings, some things are hard to share.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Soft and chewy. The perfect cookie for your indulgent and health-conscious desires!


Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
Crisp, chocolatey. Sweetness and saltiness in one package!


Ginger Molasses
Sugar and spice and everything nice!


The Giveaway:

I am giving away three (3) dozen freshly baked cookies. The winner chooses one of the three flavors above.

To enter: You must do three things...

In the comments section, answer these two questions...
1. What’s your favorite cookie? 
2. Which flavor above would you want to arrive in your mailbox?
3. Follow my blog (if you don’t already) by clicking on “Join this site” (located on the left sidebar).

...and you'll be entered to win.

One entry per person, please.
No entries after noon (PDT) on Tuesday, September 27 .
Winner will be selected at random and announced Wednesday, September 28.


Gina said...

I love snickerdoodles and if I won I would want the ginger molasses!

62TeeBird said...

Great idea, C! Chocolate chips are my fav, so I want to try those chocolate chip oatmeal ones. How are you going to choose the winner, oh, dear, sweet friend and most excellent baker?

Susan said...

Ummmm, cakey macaroons! And I would choose the ginger molasses...Nummies! I think personal delivery would be wonderful, but then I would have to completely redecorate my house...damn!

bretagne said...

Old fashion chocolate chips would have to be my favorite. although all of the above sounds awesome, if I had to pick - Dark chocolate sea salt

Cathy said...

Hi Cindy - What a great giveaway! Chocolate chip is always at the top of my list, but those ginger molasses cookies look pretty darn good.

happygirl said...

Oh Cindy, I already follow AND you're on my blogroll. :)

Favorite cookie: oatmeal raison
Cookie I would choose: Dark chocolate sea salt.

I hope I WIN!!!

Corinna said...

All time favorite is chocolate chip. Those chocolate chip oatmeal cookies like so good, I could eat my computer screen!

Sharon said...

Tollhouse cookies have always been my favorite.

All three of your cookies look great, but I would choose the chocolate with sea salt because they sound intriguing and after chocolate one of my next favorite things is salt, ha ha!

I am a follower who is always delighted when I visit your blog. Such great photography!

sharon wells said...

They all look yummy!! But, I would have to say Chololate Chip.

jazgal said...

I rotate through my favorites - oatmeal chocolate chip, molasses, and (not too sweet) macaroons, depending on my mood, the season, or how deprived I am feeling for a treat.

Without the kids around to help me eat them, I just don't find myself baking them that much anymore, alas.

If I won, I would go for the dark chocolate- sea salt variety, oh yeah, baby!!

Already a long-time follower of your blog :)

Karen said...

my favorite cookie is chocolate with macadamia nuts and "white" chips. And I'd want the dark chocolate with sea salt. Mostly, I'd just like to see YOU! miss ya, xox, KK
PS I already follow your blog, have been for a while

Una said...

I usually lean toward oatmeal raisin cookies, typically end up baking choc chip for my kids, yours look delicious. I like the ginger molasses but dark choc with sea salt look soooooo yummy! Decisions, decisions.... but so nice when those decisions are to do with cookies!
Okay, dark chocolate w/sea salt it is!

Grokstar said...

The cookie I get asked to make for events are the old chocolate oatmeal no-bakes. You might get a picture by going here.

I would choose the dark chocolate sea salt combo as I was recently turned on to that combo through some fabulous doughnuts.

StaceyB said...

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are definately a fall favorite! I would choose the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as those are an all-around fav for me.

Blue Llama said...

My favorite Cookie? I would vote for the peanut butter cookies with a mini reases cup in the middle.

If I won I would ilke the ginger molasses, but it is a difficult choice to pick just one!!