Thursday, September 8, 2011

room redo, part two

It's been a busy few weeks. Days have been filled with reorganizing, preparing for school, completing work projects, and soaking up the last days of summer fun (swimming, hanging out with friends, evening hikes). We did make some progress on Iz's bedroom, closet, study area and playroom before the hot weather hit. There's still several details to finish, but she now has a space in which to plow through all that high school homework. Yep, I said high school! I am now officially the parent of a high-schooler!

This is how the bedroom looked...


It's really cute, but Isabel wanted something more mature and sophisticated.

We started with a new wall color.


After trying several swatches... (yes, including pink)

...we settled on a pale blue color. This is a Ralph Lauren paint.







We replaced the twin bed with a full-sized antique iron one. After looking at every duvet cover from here to Connecticut, Isabel found one she approved of.

A small room is adjacent to Iz's bedroom. We've always referred to as the playroom. In the past few years, it's become more like a storage room. It's a funky shape with low ceilings and very little space for standing. While shopping at Ikea, Iz spotted a very low couch and immediately became very excited about turning this weirdly shaped space into a cozy lounge. A space to kick back, alone or with friends. So voila!

Before (playroom) ...


After (lounge) ...


Here's her new study area...


We're also working on making the walk-in closet more organized. Truckloads of junk were removed from the closet. The wooden boxes on the left are empty!


We found these nifty hooks for hanging scarves and such at Ikea that fold up when not in use.


Hmmmmm... this makeover has made that carpet look even more dingy. I'm sure it will be covered with clothes before long, so no need to replace that now.

I need a nap!


by Teresa said...

Wow, the new room design is so ... sophisticated! Bravo to you and your daughter! I live in the gorge in Corbett.. nice to meet you. :-)
Teresa :-)

Jemm said...

What a change! I bet she is LOVING her new digs :) It really looks great! So when they get to high school they don't automatically start cleaning their rooms? HA!

Cindy said...

Hi Teresa, Nice to meet a fellow Oregonian. Thanks for visiting!

Cindy said...

Hi Jemm, I'm here to tell you, their rooms, along with every room they go into, get even messier when they get to high school. Girls change their clothes for every activity and mine doesn't know about folding and putting away. Gotta love 'em though!

Thanks for stopping by!