Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what I’m thankful for... part 1

My daughter


While my husband is off in Zimbabwe for the month of November photographing leopards, bats, and other creatures that go bump in the night, my daughter and I are home doing girly things (along with going to school, dance, work and household chores... but let’s forget that part for now). We are really enjoying our mommy/daughter time together.

Last weekend Isabel set up a spa in our living room. She made us warm foot baths with oils, lavender, sea salts and/or oatmeal. While we soaked our feet, we watched reruns on Hulu+ like Rhoda, Mary Tyler Moore, Cake Boss. Then she lathered on lotion and gave me a relaxing foot massage.

She also provides facials created with natural ingredients such as egg, coconut milk, lemon juice, oatmeal, yogurt. Taking into consideration the dryness or oiliness of our skin, she carefully prepares a personalized formula. Often a shoulder massage is involved. We trade off being the masseuse. She calls this a massage train. We feast on seafood and eat ice cream. That’s it! She is forbidden to grow up and leave!


Notre Vie Juteuse said...

Ah...Rhoda and Mary Tyler Moore...miss those shows. All I can say is you have a lovely daughter, very caring and thoughtful. Sounds like you two are having a great time.

happygirl said...

You have the perfect daughter. LOVE MTM. :)

jazgal said...

No kidding!! She has gotten herself the primo position as daughter of the year, I am pretty sure. Nope, she's not-a-gonna be movin' out. Plus, she's got a good business thing going there, too. Something to think about these days. :)

Cindy said...

Thanks guys! I agree, she's pretty wonderful! I remember being 14. My Mom always refers to it as "that stage in my life when she didn't like me very much." I keep bracing myself for that stage with Isabel, but so far so good.