Sunday, November 13, 2011

what I’m thankful for... part 2

Friends and fresh food


All this was in this week’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) gift. It includes: comice pears, liberty apples, chanterelle mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, leeks, spinach, celeriac, delicata squash, purple carrots, kale, onions, fennel, eggs, cheese and a loaf of bread. A lot of farm fresh deliciousness in this box!

I love it when friends aren’t able to use their CSA box and they gift it to me! Thank you Chris!!

A big part of the excitement in having all these fresh ingredients in my kitchen is figuring out what to cook... and photographing it, of course.


Chanterelle mushroom. Mushroom risotto?


Purple carrots. Will be great in squash soup. Along with delicata squash, apples and onions.

Do you know what this is?...


If you answered celeriac (aka celery root), you’re correct! There are several recipes online that use celeriac including: celeriac soup; mashed potatoes with celeriac; slaws, and remoulade. Good to know that it’ll keep, wrapped loosely in the produce drawer of the fridge for up to two weeks.

Comice pears. Not sure what I’ll do with these yet. Maybe just bite into them. Or bake them into individual tarts and serve them warm with ice cream. They are beautiful aren’t they?


It looks like I’ll be occupying my kitchen for a while.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I just visited your blog again today because I saw a receipe a few weeks ago I wanted to try today (Chocolate and sea salt cookies). Love your blog and am getting hungry when looking at the food pictures.

Why I comment here? Because of the celery. You can also cut in into pieces and put it in the freezer until you need it for a receipe. I usually only use it for potato- or lentilsoup and then just microwave it for two or three minutes. Works great :-)

Cindy said...

Hi britsknits, Thanks for your comment. I've been holding on to that celery root wondering what to do with it. Did you find the cookie recipe? If not, let me know via email ( and I'll send it to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cindy!
I found the receipe and made the dough last night, this morning the cookies went into the oven and are now nearly all eaten up. If you're interested to see the result: The googletranslator worked poorly, but you get the idea


Cindy said...

Hi Britta, The first time I made these cookies, I too had a bit of a problem keeping the dough from crumbling. I agree, it is strange that there's no liquid in the recipe. To solve that problem, I used my KitchenAid mixer, and it was mixed the dough to just the right consistency. If you add liquid, you may not get that wonderful sandy texture that makes these so perfect.

I'm thrilled that you posted about your experience and linked to my blog. Thank you!