Saturday, June 20, 2009

a day at Whisper Lake

When you hang with bat enthusiasts until the wee hours of the morning, you sleep the day away. I actually didn’t get myself out of bed until around 10 am every day this week.

I took a hike around Whisper Lake this afternoon.

The Mariposa Lilies are at their peak.

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily

as well as a few other flowers

yellow flowers

Bailey and I even found a little time to do some porch sitting...

sittin' on the porch

A simple day requires a simple supper... this soup recipe is super simple. It’s a super simple soup. I think that’s what I shall call it. Requires very little chopping. No pureeing. We can thank my sister-in-law Lorrie for this recipe. Thank you Lorrie for the oh so super simple soup supper!

simple soup

Lorrie's Super Simple Soup
1 box of Pacific Natural Foods buttery sweet corn soup
4 al fresco all natural roasted pepper and asiago chicken sausages, sliced
2 cans of whole black beans, drained
1 package frozen sweet corn
A few chunks of brie cheese
Put the first 4 ingredients in a large pot and heat until hot. Ladle into bowls and add a few small chunks of brie cheese.



Susan said...

Cindy, that is my kind of soup. Simple and tasty and quick! I love chicken sausages! They have a whole line of them at Trader Joe's, too. My favorite is the andouille. Makes a great jambalaya. I have a really good sausage and bean soup you would probably like.

The lilies are beautiful! I've never seen that variety before. The one on the black background is very striking. You should do a series that way. Or have you already? I think I remember at least one other flower one like that.

Nice view from the porch!

OregonWild said...

Great fun, great food - and great company.


Cindy said...

Susan, the black background really does isolate the flower nicely doesn't it. I'm now wishing I'd photographed my iris' that way. They're already done blooming for the year... too quick!

I'm already missing that view from the porch. We've returned to cool temperatures and rain today in Portland.

Bailey's happy to be home, and I hope tick-free after I plucked 12 ticks from her on the drive home.

Cindy said...

Hey OregonWild, thanks for visiting and commenting too! That soup is still available.

Now how do I alter my sleep schedule?

62TeeBird said...

Looks like we had very similar vacations (well, except we had swallows and mosquitos instead of bats). But the dry, high desert, sage brush, remote, quiet and lots of driving... I was just posting vacation pics on my flickr page and stopped in here. Have to catch up soon - though I'm sure you're digging out from a mountain of laundry like me ;-)

Cindy said...

Hey there Tee, Oh we had those lovely mosquitos too. The bats do help with those a bit. Can't believe we've been back a week already and I feel like I finally got through all the laundry and then it starts up again... don't you love summer?

Glad you had a good vacation. I found myself taking pictures of windmills too. They were all shot from car windows, so not the best.

jazgal said...

oops, left my comment on the lilies on the wrong post, but they are so elegant, and beautiful shots - well done! I am all on board for the simple soup recipe - I'll have to give that a try!