Wednesday, December 28, 2011

how i spent my Christmas vacation


I made eight... count them... eight varieties of cookies in the last few weeks... that’s over 400 cookies.




I didn’t have a chance to photograph the spritz, chocolate, shortbread and gingersnaps before they disappeared.

The day after Christmas, I had an epiphany.

As much as I enjoy sharing homemade gifts with my family and friends, I spent way too much time in the kitchen in the last few weeks, and not enough time enjoying some time off. I was busy with work in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so after a day of working, I made dinner for my family, drove my daughter to and from her dance class, prodded her to make sure all her homework was done, and then baked cookies all night. At a time of year when we all eat too much sugar, gifts of sweets seemed less than appreciated by many.

I’m disenchanted with the whole Christmas gift exchange hoopla. Can’t we just enjoy the season without going broke, and more time enjoying and less time doing? There are so many holiday events I miss every year because I’m too busy putting together gifts, food, wrapping, cleaning, etc.

Tell me... how do you do it all? What parts of Christmas do you truly enjoy?


happygirl said...

I wish you lived closer. I'd pay you to do my baking. I'll do all your wrapping and mailing. And, I'll make you Christmas cards. :)

Cindy said...

Oh happygirl, I wish you lived closer! I never got to the Christmas cards this year.

Mary Ann said...

Well said, Cindy. I, too, got worn out after baking night after night. I dared to mention to my husband that I thought we ought to simplify next year, and was actually met with an argument... but then again, he doesnlt do the baking!

Cindy said...

MaryAnn, My husband does agree with the simplifying part. At least that's what he says, then he usually caves at the last minute and rushes out and buys gifts for his family. It would be nice to enjoy the season, and the break from work without more work wouldn't it?

Susan Drummond said...

I'm so over the whole hustle and bustle of Christmas. I nearly killed myself this year with the cooking and baking for our annual Christmas Eve bash, and the gift buying, etc. Really, the only thing I want to do at Christmas is sit by the fire and sip something hot and go Christmas caroling. The end. Hard to do that with little ones around though. What I would really like to do is just take the family on vacation somewhere, but I suppose they would still expect gifts. :)

Cindy said...

Susan, Your attitude sounds very familiar. Michael and I talk about taking a vacation away from all the hustle and bustle of the season every year, but so far we fall right back into our set traditions and I totally wear myself out.