Thursday, December 1, 2011

live in the moment... breathe


This season is really what we choose to make it isn’t it? If you like crowds and franticness, it’s just outside the door. If you’d rather avoid the chaos, you can shop online and wait for things to come to you.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, mistress, mother, daughter, here are a few...

iPad case in one of my favorite colors. Available at Ceccec $189

Perfect iPad holder for use in the kitchen with a little stylus so you don’t have to touch the screen with your goopy fingers.
Available at Belkin $39.99

If you’ve never felt or worn liquid metal, you must. I have this bracelet, and it’s so comfortable and gorgeous. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Sergio Gutierrez has several designs of liquid metal bracelets.
Available at G Squared Gallery $65 and up depending on size and width.
Sergio also designs necklaces.
Michael Kors 'Bedford' $348 Available at Nordstrom 

If you like hanging out at home, creating things, and not spend spend spending, there are plenty of ideas for homemade gifts. Things made while sharing quality time with friends and family can be the best.

During the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the homemade gifts I’ve made in the past, and some holiday treat ideas too. But, you’ll have to wait until after Christmas to see what gifts we’re making this year.

I do have some specific goals for this holiday season: 1. Live in the moment; 2. Stay sane

No pressure, but what do you have planned?


happygirl said...

That liquid metal bracelet has me thinking... Thanks.
btw, you should participate in the DPP project. You take wonderful pictures.

Cindy said...

happygirl, Thanks for the suggestion. The month of December may not be the right time for such a commitment. I briefly considered taking part in BlogHer's National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Even though I'm sure I could come up with enough to write about, I'm not sure I want one more obligation during the holiday season. But stay tuned, there's plenty of ideas rolling around in my head. Happy December!