Thursday, June 24, 2010

in my yard

Is it true that birds can hear worms crawling underground? It sure looks to me like our pullets can.




Just after I took this shot, she pulled a big juicy worm out of the grass, but I was too busy watching in amazement to snap a shot. So you’ll just have to believe me.

Okay, maybe she just had her eye on that innocent worm before chowing down on it.


I asked the girls about it, but they turned on their heels without a word and showed me this view. Then they marched off to eat some raspberries.


We’ve picked big bowls full of these beautiful red gems every day this week.


Today I discovered these red lovelies. They were still in plastic containers. Peaking out from amongst the plants still needing to be planted in the yard.

Summer is finally here!


Susan said...

You gotta love those fluffy-butts! Wow, are they growing!! I just love how they look against the green grass.

I think birds can hear the worms...robins sure seem to be able to find them easily enough.

Those raspberries look wonderful! They would never make it into a recipe here...we would just eat them out of hand, too.

Cindy said...

Susan, Aren't chicken butts the cutest? These are the friendliest chickens I've ever seen... they follow me around the yard and peck at me like I'm food. And they actually let me pet them!

Beyond a few smoothies, the raspberries are eaten by the handfuls around here. A tummy ache tells me I should either freeze some or churn some raspberry ice cream.

Fannie said...

Question on the strawberries - I've been reluctant because I understand they're invasive. Do you put yours in the ground or in pots?

Cindy said...

Fannie, I did plant my strawberries in a pot this year, but have planted them next to the raised beds in the past. They send out little runners, but they don't seem to be invasive. The problem here is critters seem to eat the low-growing berries before I can get to them.

Cathy said...

Hi Cindy - I love the photos of your chickens. It's so interesting to watch birds search for worms in the early morning when the grass is still wet. It's amazing how they find them.

I'm envious that you can pick raspberries in your yard. How lucky are you!

Cindy said...

Thanks Cathy, and just to add to your raspberry envy... I didn't have to plant them. Last year my wonderful neighbors gave me somewhere around 25 plants. They even planted them in rows in our backyard and built wire structures for them. Raspberries must like cooler weather, because we have a bounty.

Vira said...

Wow those raspberries look amazing! Do you grow yours in your yard?

Since it's summer I wanted to make your amazing strawberry pie and I remembered I had the recipe from last year in my email and I found your blog! (:

Six In The Northwest said...

We used to have a lot of robins on our property, but I have noticed since our hens now free-range instead being confined to one space that the robins have mainly disappeared. I think I now hens have depleted the worm population around here. Very interesting.